Social Media Marketing

Let's just be social here

Are you feeling that the “social” side of social media is slipping away as the platforms become a place to shout to others about products?

Let’s face it, your visitors are there to be social and not to be sold to. So, take a moment and think about your strategy, this is where a social media marketing campaign can help. 

Don’t practice Anti-social Marketing

We like to use the analogy that social media is the equivalent of being in a bar with friends. If you just walked into a bar, not knowing anyone, and started shouting that people should buy a product, they’re unlikely to listen or may even leave. But, if you joined friends, had a conversation, were polite, giving confidence to your listeners, when the moment is right you could start talking about products. People tend to listen to friends’ recommendations as you’re having a conversation and you trust the person.

As much as you are great at what you do and you know that clients will benefit from your service, make sure you approach social media the right way.

Best approach to Social Media Marketing 

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Tips for great Social Media campaigns

Be consistent

If you're going to engage with people and businesses make sure that you are consistent, this is a key factor to ensuring that you are seen as genuine and will help you on your way to becoming a trusted brand

Define your target audience

Define your audience and their personality and talk to them. The great broadcaster Terry Wogan only ever thought that he had one audience member and built a trust of millions on that basis.

Choose your platforms

Don’t get sucked into the belief that social media is the new silver bullet to improve your business. It may not. It is soft selling in a social environment and helps with brand awareness. What's key is that the platforms you use are relevant to your business, brand and the clients you want to reach out to. Don’t waste your time speaking to everyone.

Be engaging

Tailor content to your audience. Show your expertise. If people want to listen and engage they will.

Remember it's social

Don’t lose sight that this is social and people are generally not there to be sold to. When it comes to Return On Investment, it is one of the lowest returns in digital marketing, but that by no means implies ignore it.

Pictures are great...

Words are great, but when it comes to social, images are better. Sharing images is a quick and easy way to communicate on social and helps your post stand out.

...but video is better

Video is prevalent on social media with 45% of people watching more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week (Hubspot). If you don’t fancy being in front of the camera, there are many other options you could use by simply using your phone to edit material.

Be genuine

Be genuine and respectful of others on the social media platform you choose.

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