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Your website is the centre of your digital world

Your website should be the main focus when it comes to digital marketing.

Your web design should be attractive, easy to navigate and full of engaging content tailored for your target audience. 

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Importance of your domain name

Just like a bricks and mortar premises for your business, a website has so many similar characteristics. This should be the key to your digital world, along with your domain name as it’s something you own. Whereas a Facebook page or Twitter account may change and fade away. 

Attract and engage with your website

Smart Cow Marketing builds websites (or virtual businesses) that are designed to attract and engage visitors as well as be the centre of your digital world. We may not be good at mixing cement or building walls, but leave it to us to create you a website to attract, engage and convert your potential clients.

What you get from a Smart Cow website

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Free Site Review

Improve your Website

Our FREE website review will provide you with tips on how to improve your website’s performance.

Tips for building a great website

Build a website on solid foundations with a good CMS system

Just like bricks and mortar shop you need to build a website on good foundations. There are numerous frameworks that allow website owners to maintain and add content. These are called Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

Relevant content

You may have a lot to say and have some ingenious ways you'd like to represent your business, but at the end of the day – Keep it Simple. To get your message across to your target audience, and Google, keep content clear, succinct and to the point.

Ease of navigation

Make sure the navigation and menu of your website are easy to read and navigate. Any page of importance should be no more than 2 clicks - preferably 1 click - from the homepage. Bold and clear call to action buttons will also help a visitor as well as internal links.

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Use great images

Images help tell a story and they also make website pages more engaging and easier to read.

Image optimisation

Make sure your images are optimised for use on websites. You may need to resize them before you upload as large images can impact site speed. A slow load time may result in people leaving your website - Google hates bounces.

Content is king

Potential clients and search engines need to see you as an expert. Produce regular and unique content that answers your target audiences challenges offering tips and advice - become a thought leader. A blog is a great way to help you add content regularly.

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Website backups

Back up your website. Most CMS platforms provide modules to allow you to back up and to make safe against hackers. Unfortunately, it is part of the world today that there are thousands of web robots (automated programs) that are checking websites for weaknesses. Do what you can to make it safe.

Think of your target audience

Make your website design and content so that it both reflects your businesses brand as well as appeals to your target audience. We recommend you create an online persona which is an example of your stereotypical customer.

If you can get all this working yourself, then you will be off to a great start. However, if a helping hand is what you need, then do get in touch. 

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