Your 5 minute daily social media routine

For small business owners, running a business, managing finances, employees and new business takes time and a lot of effort. Marketing your products and services is just another key element to keep your brand front and centre of your clients and prospects and another activity that you need to juggle.

In this blog, we provide an overview of what you can do to conduct a mini audit of your social profile before taking up the challenge of conducting a 5-minute daily social media routine to help maintain and build on your brand awareness.

Social media audit

When was the last time you checked your social media profile on your business social platforms? Is it up to date? Is it clear what you do? Have you completed all you can – LinkedIn is great in highlighting how much of your profile is complete whether for your company or own personal profile.

Make sure your website address, email, telephone number visible and correct. On many social channels such as Facebook you can add in your opening times.  

Perhaps it’s also time to refresh your company bio. Keep it simple and get across what you do and whether you have any key areas of specialism to highlight.  

Which social media platforms are relevant to your business?

Take a moment to review your social channels. You may already be on Facebook and Instagram but what about a LinkedIn company profile? Including this activity in your social media strategy will help you concentrate your efforts moving forward.  

Conduct a little research with your customers to find out what channels are most popular. Also take a look at your competitors and see which channels they use. Check when they last posted as that can indicate how popular that channel has been for them.

Always have in the back of your mind who your target audience is to help you work out what channels are best and to ensure content is relevant.

5 minute daily social media task

If you write blog posts for your website, then use this content in bite size chunks across a number of social posts. Re-purposing your content is a great time saver. But if you don’t have a bank of content already, here’s some ways to start posting regularly and encouraging engagement with your audience: 

  • Create lists of favourite news feeds and share interesting articles for your audience. Once you have the list in place, each day dip into it and see if there is anything to share. 
  • Check notifications, have you been mentioned, or any posts highlighted? This is another quick way to see if there is anything interesting to share. It’s also a time to make sure whether there are any comments you need to respond to or add your own thoughts on the topic so you can be seen as a thought leader.  
  • Is it a national or international day of interest relevant to your business and your audience? Adding relevant hashtags will help extend reach. 
  • #PhotoOfTheDay – does what it says on the tin really! Take a photo of one of your products and share.
  • Talk about a company milestone. 
  • Give insight into how and why you started your business.
  • Do you have any new products or services to talk about?
  • Remind people about your core offering.  
  • Run a special offer.   

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