5 tips for creating video for your business

A great video isn’t just the result of luck, they’re made by taking a strategic approach to your audience and what you want to get out of it.

Every business is different and there’s no one size fits all for what works best in terms of content or style. So, we’ve decided to share some tips for producing high-quality videos that people will want to watch.

Tip 1: Tell a story

People like stories, so why not structure your video content around an engaging story? Think about what you are trying to achieve through your video – are you simply looking to keep viewers informed about an upcoming event or new product. Or would you rather have a more thought leadership video that helps you build your brand ‘personality’?

Tip 2: Keep it short and sweet

Although people will always have time to watch longer videos, you need to get them interested in the first place. Sometimes less is more.

A great way to create plenty of content is to conduct a Q&A style interview with 5-10 questions. Then you can break down each answer so that you have bite size snippets of content. You can still host your full interview on your website but perhaps use the shorter vides on social media to then push traffic back to your website for the full-length version.

Tip 3: Get personal

Show the human side of your business. So, become the face of your videos to add some personality. It is a great way to connect with people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach out to.

Tip 4: Storytelling through images

A photo slideshow is a great way of telling a story, giving viewers context with engaging visuals that can help them understand what is being said without having to sit through lengthy voiceovers or explanations. It can also help to break up a video into different segments, allowing your audience to select which parts they want to watch.

Tip 5: Keep it interesting

Make sure you mix up the tone of your content and add some humour or fun elements where appropriate. This will help engagement and keep people watching your video through to the end.

Video as part of your digital marketing

For years now we’ve talked about the importance of video and integrating it into your marketing strategy. It creates stand out on your social media channels and engages with people who visit your website. People want an easy way to absorb information so video with captions is ideal.

If you need a hand with video content, we can help you factor these into your overall marketing plan from ideas and script creation through to video production and editing.