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Get noticed with email marketing

Email marketing is a great inbound marketing tactic to help generate leads. Each email distribution is about increasing your open rate and click through rate. This is helped by creating engaging and relevant content to your target audience.

We’ve found that 72% of people prefer content through emails, and it is 40 times more effective in gaining new clients, than social. This indicates that email marketing offers a good Return on Investment (ROI). Read on to discover the benefits.

The benefits of email marketing

Focus on your target audience

When you write your emails think about your target audience. Its’s good to think that you are sending your email to one person so you can make content really personal and relevant.

Understanding challenges of your audience and providing solutions to this in the content you email out will help with engagement and position you as a thought leader in your field. 

Follow our 8 tips below to build your next email campaign. 

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Tips for great email marketing campaigns

Build an email distribution list

Wherever you have the opportunity to capture email addresses, legitimately (see GDPR point), then do so. Build your list and segment it into groups.

Avoid spamming

No one likes spam emails. Make sure that your target audience is appropriate and that the email content is relevant. Steer clear of keywords that will be caught by spam filters such as ‘free’ or ‘buy’.

Be GDPR compliant

It may seem overbearing but GDPR rules and regulations are there for the sake of us all. At the end of the day a good marketing campaign should be targeted, don’t waste your time marketing to people who are not interested or do not want to hear from you. Always be transparent when you capture an email address, if it's for your e-newsletter then that's what you say it's for.

Write in your tone of voice

You should have a persona and tone of voice for your business created already, so write in that style. Make messages relevant to your target audience as if you’re writing to one person – this will be far more engaging and more likely lead to a response.

Include links and CTA

So you’ve sent an email, so what. Make sure that the recipient knows what to do next. Make it clear and obvious what the ‘Call to Action’ is so they benefit from your email. Provide links to follow and make sure they are trackable.

Think of a catchy headline

Who reads ‘our latest news’? We are all far to busy to worry about someone else’s news. However, ‘3 days left to save on your accounting fees’ provide a point of interest to open the email.

Make your email marketing mobile friendly

More than half the emails are being opened on mobile devices so make sure that you have a mobile responsive email that can easily be read whilst on the commute to work or at the shops.

Unsubscribe links

It’s great to have a big list, but if people are not interested then let them go by making sure it’s easy to unsubscribe. Just focus on those who are interested. Remember, you need to be GDPR compliant, so transparency is important and that includes a clear unsubscribe function.

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